Grant Burge Filsell Vineyard Shiraz
Grant Burge has acquired a profound and intuitive understanding of the environment
He Harbours The Greatest Respect For Nature He is a Baron of the Barossa and personally oversees all aspects of production from the early season maintenance of the land right through to vintage and bottling. One of the great, distinguished sites of Barossa Valley, Burge's eminent Filsell Vineyard produces the most compelling wines. A regal Barossa Shiraz of understated elegance, effortless grace and just a little touch of magic.
Moppity Estate Hilltops Riesling
Charles Melton Voices Of Angels Shiraz
Hollick Tannery Block Cabernet Merlot A MOSTLY CABERNET WINE WITH A TENTH OF MERLOT, a jot of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, representing almost a third of Hollick's annual production. Previous vintages of Tannery Block have won numerous prestigious awards, including the pre-eminent Jimmy Watson, Robert Bryce and Arthur Kelman Trophies. This uniquely Australian style is fashioned in the tradition of the great Cabernet Merlot accords which have made Coonawarra renowned for red wine throughout the world. So named after the leather tanning pits on the original Hollick property in Coonawarra.
Lawsons Dry Hills Pinot Gris SOURCED FROM LOW YIELDING SITES WHICH ARE MANAGED TO YIELD AN EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF PINOT GRIS. Slow ripening mesoclimes and a wonderful level of flavour development, extensive leaf plucking and crop thinning, produce a wine with great complexity and a lovely texture that can only be realized from harvests of the most concentrated fruit, subtle oak treatments, a judicious amount of malolactic influence and extravagant lees stirring regimens.
Mount Langi Cliff Edge Shiraz 2010 A PURE GRAMPIANS SHIRAZ, much of the fruit from vines planted to the eastern granite slopes of Mount Langi Ghiran. A significant whole bunch maceration component is central to the style, building on the perfumes and delicate aromatics. Showing terrific weight of fruit flavours, complex spice and balanced tannins. With an excellent balance of finesse and depth, pointing the way for Cliff Edge Shiraz in terms of intensity and structure. Deep and dynamic, fashioned from parcels of the most splendid Victorian Shiraz, a more powerful rendering than it's local siblings.
Ata Rangi Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc ATA RANGI ARE THE PRODUCT OF LOVE FOR THE LAND AND PASSION FOR THE VINE. The dry windy climate consistently delivers low yields with high concentrations of flavour in the grapes. Obsessive attention to detail throughout the growing season ensures the fruit comes in at optimum flavour and balance. The care taken extends to harvesting the warmer side of individual rows and going back a few days later for the cooler side. A term of age on yeast less enhances palate weight and complexity, lovely tropical notes of guava and papaya contend for attention.
The Long Paddock
wines honour the ingenuity and courage of the early Australian drovers
Inflicted with cruel and regular droughts, these men and women faced the option of giving up and starving along with their cattle and sheep or flinging open their boundary gates and allowing their stumbling, starving stock to roam the bush roads and tracks in the desperate hope of finding food and water. Somewhere. Anywhere. This was known as ‚Äúdroving the Long Paddock‚ÄĚ, a task that could take them away from their family and home for months and months. Sometimes even years. Fortunately some stock was saved. Unfortunately for some, when the rains didn‚Äôt come the heartbreak of seeing their stock die became a regular occurrence. This was the beginning of the Long Paddock tradition.
 Redbank Long Paddock

Long Paddock's flagship Anvil Shiraz reminds us of times gone by when settlers handcrafted their farming implements with the heat of the forge and the strength of the anvil. Filled with hope and determination, these pioneers set about taming much of Victoria’s uncharted lands. Celebrating the badge of Redbank, The Anvil Shiraz continues the Redbank philosophy of seeking outstanding fruit from premium regions within Victoria.

Much of Victoria is littered with long abandoned miners' camps and long forgotten mine shafts that gave little to the battling prospector of the 1850s gold rush. During the same time notorious bushrangers roamed the high country of North East Victoria robbing the gold and mail coaches and stealing the valuable livestock of wealthy land owners. This colouful heritage inspired the wines from the King Valley. New varietal styles from high altitude vineyards reflect the diversity of the King Valley. Fruit for these wines is harvested from vineyards that sit at nearly 800 metres above sea level, covered in snow in winter and shrouded in cloud during other times of the year.

The high altitude valleys of Eastern Victoria are about three hours drive from the state capital, Melbourne. Situated in the heart of the Alpine Way, the region was the home of The Man from Snowy River, the horseman immortalised in Banjo Patterson's classic Australian poem. After the Second World War, the region was settled by many Europeans, mainly Italian. These hard-working migrants established a thriving farming community. The rich, fertile soils and high rainfall provided an ideal climate for growing quality crops. The most prolific plantings were tobacco, but other crops such as hops and wine grapes also grew well.

Today tobacco and hops farming has all but disappeared, and the region is becoming one of the more important cool climate grape growing areas in Australia. More than 2,500 acres are planted out to premium grape varieties, with some vineyards planted in granite based soils on mountain slopes more than 800 metres above sea level. Early autumn mornings see these vineyards hidden by low cloud that shrouds the nearby mountains.

The Long Paddock winemakers and viticulturists work closely with a dedicated family of carefully selected independent growers. These small family-run vineyards offer unique and subtle soil and altitude differences that provide the winemakers with an opportunity to create distinctive wines reflecting the finest attributes of the regions. Fruit for the Long Paddock and King Valley wines is sourced from high-altitude vineyards in Victoria’s high country, from the Alpine, King and Ovens Valleys.

Greg and Natala
Flynn knew that to make great wine you first had to produce great fruit
After searching for a year and a half,studying 45 potential vineyard sites, Greg and Natala finally settled on the best vineyard position. The Flynns Winery and Vineyard is located on a narrow strip of the ancient cambian soil that runs north of the Heathcote township, which is now so highly prized. The combination of low rainfall, soil, plentiful sunshine and climatic influences result in very low yields of very high quality fruit.

The site has an easterly facing aspect to catch the first morning sun ideal for ripening grapes and reducing frost risk. A gentle slope on the site ensures some air movement that reduces the incidence of damaging frosts. The vineyard was planted in 1999 and comprises five acres of Shiraz, one acre of Merlot, one acre of Cabernet Sauvignon, two acres of Sangiovese and one acre of Verdelho.

Whilst well suited for the growing of regal quality wine varietals, the Flynn's vineyard only averages 580mm of rain annually. This makes the the distinctive clay subsoil of the vineyard ideal for retaining some of the precious little rainfall.

The Victorian Alps
philosophy is to use the best fruit available, to employ the most talented and dedicated winemakers, and to let the wine do the talking
Victorian Alps Winery are committed to producing great wines. The aim is all about fabulous wines at affordable prices. The ranges include modern varietals, perfectly balanced blends and aome old favourites, something for everyone. Tobacco Road, Coldstone, Dividing Range, and Snowy Creek are the brands within the group. The operation boasts one of the country's finest cellar doors and produces some of the most innovative and awarded wines. The commitment to quality is un-compromising. Victorian Alps employs a team of excellent winemakers who are willing to throw their thoughts into the ring. They have virtually unlimited access to ultra premium cool climate fruit, grown by the partners in the business. And they have a large modern winery producing a small premium product.
 Victorian Alps

Victorian Alps Winery is located in the small settlement of Gapsted in north east Victoria. The wineworks are perched above the town, overlooking Gapsted, amongst the Australian bush. Victorian Alps was established in 1996 by six great friends who were also wine professionals. Their extensive experience in the industry and their passion for the region were central to the success of the winery over its relatively short existence.

Gapsted was once a bustling Australian bush township originally settled by gold prospectors in the 1850s. The rugged mountains and valleys were rich with gold and many prospectors made and lost their fortune in the region. At the peak of the gold rush the township had over 3500 dwellers and seven rowdy drinking holes. Eventually the gold dried up and the townsfolk moved on. Today the population of Gapsted is less than 50, and the old country hall and Aussie rules football field are all that remain from the gold rush years.

John Cavendon and Pat Murtagh grew up together on neighbouring farms within the district. After a wild youth of bush dances and courting girls, they settled down with loved ones, and planted vineyards. They shared a dream to build their own winery and decided to become business partners. After many long nights of planning (and the occasional tipple), the dream of Victorian Alps Winery became a reality.

Unlike larger commercial wineries, massive blendings are not employed to intentionally create the same generic flavoured wine year in year out. The wines are individual and carry the winemakers own signature, personality, and distinctiveness. It is a labour of love and passion from three mates that desire to produce special and personally appealing wines. The unique combination of having a winemaker and growers as owners, allows the company to have total control over the winemaking process from growing the fruit, right through to making and bottling the wine.

Careful and meticulous winemaking practices and specialized viticulture are utilized to ensure the highest quality cool climate wines are produced. Central to the process is the ballerina method of canopy vine management that allows the gentle morning sunlight and soft mountain breezes to delicately ripen the fruit, producing vibrant colours and intense fruit flavours. This distinctive canopy is symbolized by the Gapsted Wines ballerina icon. The winemaking team places great emphasis on the importance of research and development and a significant part of this means experimenting with new varieties. The variety of fruit highlights the bountiful growing conditions of the region, in particular the King Valley which is widely recognised as a pre-eminent area for alternate grape varieties, especially those from the Mediterranean. There is an extensive range of Limited Releases and the development of unique styles is set to continue.

The wines of
Pierro are the culmination of passion, innovation, location, climate and time
Pierro are fortunate in that beautiful Willyabrup vineyard is located in what is widely regarded as amongst the finest wine grape growing terrain in the world. Located in the heart of Western Australia's renowned Margaret River wine region, this far flung locality has a viticultural pedigree second to none. The Pierro property on Caves Rd was acquired by estate patriarch Dr Mike Peterkin in 1979. The block was chosen due to its north facing slopes, gravelly loam soils and Willyabrup brook, which flows through the entire property. The first vines were established in September 1980, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The big Medoc varietals came later, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc followed in 1988.

As is the case with many premier vineyards elsewhere in the world, the presence of this natural watercourse provides a nourishing life source for the vineyard. It is no coincidence that several of the State's other premier vineyards and wineries are also situated in this gently undulating country by the brook. Couple this with soils ideally suited to the needs of classic varietal grapevines and Pierro found themselves in a viticultural paradise. Amid this marvellous terroir sits Pierro Margaret River Vineyards. Pierro made its first wine in 1979, a Cabernet Sauvignon vintaged from grapes purchased from neighbouring Moss Wood. In the year that followed, the winery and cellar door were built out of rammed earth and local jarrah.

The Willyabrup district of Margaret River is situated in the continent's deep southwest, a relatively young region unsullied by the impact of human population and development. Fresh air, clean seas, unspoiled country and fruitful earth have been simple, priceless qualities here for millennia.

A stable and predictable Mediterranean maritime climate is a vigneron's dream come true, Margaret River has this too. Surrounded by open water on three sides between capes Leeuwin and Naturaliste, the wine region is almost completely free of pollutants and contaminants.

Pierro's history is inextricably aligned with the emergence of Margaret River as one of the great young wine regions of the world. Pierro couldn't be located in a better grape growing or winemaking district if they tried. Year round, the Pierro vines are swept by pure, cool sea breezes, blowing in off the Indian and Southern Oceans. Mild, wet winters and sun splashed summer seasons add to the viticultural equation. Wherever Pierro wines are enjoyed around the world today they invariably impart a tangible trace of their idyllic place of origin, warm southern climes, ancient soils, healthful vines and years of skilled hands on viticulture and winemaking.

For over a quarter of a century, Pierro have striven to fuse these elements to produce superior wines of singular extraction, character and elegance. The quest for heightened quality continues with each passing vintage.

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